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Get survey responses from around the world in minutes with Audience Target the types of people you want to hear from based on specific attributes, like country, gender, age, income, employment status, and more. A survey panel owned exclusively by members, empowering you to exchange your data and opinions for company shares.


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Frequently Asked Question

What is an survey?

Put simply, an Internet survey is a questionnaire hosted on a website. These surveys are designed to elicit responses on nearly any research topic and may be completed by anyone with Internet access. Internet surveys are easy to complete, allowing respondents to quickly provide information crucial to your research needs

How long does the process take?

As long or as short as you require. Internet surveys can be designed, programmed and launched in a matter of days. Responses are available immediately and can be "harvested" on a regular basis. There is no need to wait for data to be entered. The survey can remain on-line for days, weeks, months or indefinitely. Results can be tabulated on any schedule, according to your needs.

Do you offer plans for corporate needs?

Our Enterprise plans offer HIPAA compliance, advanced security, and admin features for increased governance and control

Do you offer discounts for teams?

We offer discounts when you sign up for business plans that include 3 or more people. With Team Advantage and Team Premier plans, you’ll save 20% or more over personal plans and get access to additional collaboration features