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Our Key Advantages

Explore our unique strengths for enhanced banking operations and industry leadership.

Effortless Setup

Get started quickly and easily with our simplified installation process.

Intuitive Interface

A user-friendly interface designed for smooth navigation and accessibility.

Advanced Control

Empower your administrators with a powerful and comprehensive control center.

Mobile App Available

We offer a dedicated mobile application designed exclusively for our account holders.

Essential Banking Features

Discover essential features simplifying banking for an enhanced experience.

Deposit Pension Scheme

This module enables administrators to create flexible savings plans, allowing users to save money through periodic installments, resulting in matured funds with accumulated profits.

Fixed Deposit Receipt

Secure growth through our Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) module. Admin sets plans, users deposit for a period, receive profits periodically, and access funds after a lock-in period.

Loan Management

Unlock lending opportunities with our Loan Module. Admins customize plans, enabling users to apply for loans, submit loan forms, and repay the borrowed amount conveniently through installments.

Automatic Payment

Simplify financial transactions with our Automatic Payment Module. With have 25+ integrated payment gateways, administrators can enable specific options, empowering users to deposit or make payments.

Save Beneficiaries

Simplify transactions by saving beneficiaries with our efficient Save Beneficiaries feature, enhancing your software's ease of use.

Own Bank Transfer

Streamline transfers within your bank seamlessly using our Own Bank Transfer feature, simplifying transactions for your users.

Other Bank Transfer

Extend financial capabilities with this Module, facilitating seamless transactions beyond your institution for enhanced user convenience.

Wire Transfer

Streamline manual wire transfers with this Module, empowering administrators to set up user-requested transfers efficiently.

Comprehensive Management Modules

Explore our suite of management modules designed to empower your administrative and operational capabilities.

From role management for precise control to branch management for centralized oversight, and a dedicated branch staff panel for efficient team coordination, our comprehensive solutions are here to streamline your management processes and enhance operational efficiency.

Roll Management

Simplify admin control with our Role Management Module. This module empowers Super Admins to define multiple roles, add staff, and assign them to specific roles. Effortlessly streamline organizational hierarchy and optimize team coordination.

Branch Management

This module empowers administrators to create and manage branches seamlessly. Easily add, update, and organize staff data to ensure efficient branch operations and enhanced coordination across your organization.

Branch Staff Panel

Empower your branch staff with this, catering to both Managers and Account Officers. Branch Managers with oversight of multiple branches access relevant branch data, while Account Officers, dedicated to a specific branch. Account Officers can create new user accounts, deposit & withdraw funds.

Explore Demos with Our Variety of Templates

Experience the versatility of our website templates with interactive demos, offering a firsthand look at your website's potential.

Unveiling Client Feedback

Explore genuine testimonials and reviews that highlight the impact of our solutions on their businesses.

for Customer Support

by aryeedaniel1

I recently had the pleasure of using the services of this software company, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with their level of customer support. As a growing company, their responsiveness to my queries was exceptional, and they handled my concerns with utmost professionalism.

for Customer Support

by joanmclean

Code quality, design quality, feature availability, flexibility, customisability, documentation and customer support. Don't hesitate, you won't regret it. This is my fourth product from Viserlab and they've never let me down.

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by udohleo

I would recommend viserbank to anyone looking for a banking site. It has the best front-end and backend design I have seen so far. Customer support is very responsive.

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Best online banking script. I recommended this script to everyone. First-class customer satisfaction.

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https://script.viserlab.com is the name of this firm. There are really nice and polite people there, they assist resolving any errors, installation 24/7 customer support if you buy any software product from them you will never regret it.

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by kennfo

I am grateful for the prompt attention given to my installation request. Very professional customer support. Thanks.

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by eduongo

I finally got someone that turn things around for me soooo fast, it's unbelievable. Great job everyone!

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by gnimpagaritse

I see improvement in the support momentum. I am very happy to see how quick the issue is delt with. Keep it up guys.

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by maiphearin

They have a great support and great script, Thank you.

for Code Quality

by socialvidown

best code and full support good team

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